Career opportunities

The German steel industry employs a good 80,000 people. This makes us the largest steel producer in Europe. We need young metallurgical talent - in addition to fascinating jobs, there are also very attractive salaries!

Dr. Frank Ahrenhold, Head of Sustainable Steelmaking, thyssenkrupp Steel Europe:

"Steel is the future. To shape it, we need bright minds who can make steel. We need metallurgists who will shape the future of steel with us: with hydrogen as a reducing agent, digital processes and a strong circular economy."

Dr. Katharina Kortzak-Hojda, Group Manager Metallurgy in R&D Steelmaking, AG der Dillinger Hüttenwerke:

"Current megatrends such as the decarbonization of society, new forms of communication or even a commercialized space industry require new and further developed materials and processes. The development and production of these materials offer major challenges and opportunities, particularly for students of metallurgy."

Prof. Klaus Krüger, Head of Corporate Development Max Aicher GmbH & Co. KG

"Today steel is a high-tech product with tailor-made properties - a masterstroke by metallurgists, who are unfortunately becoming increasingly rare. To maintain the top position of European steel, young, creative minds are urgently needed here."

Prof. Rüdiger Deike, Chair of Metallurgy of Iron and Steel Production, University of Duisburg-Essen:

"A Circular Economy is about developing processes to sustainably manufacture products that are easy to recycle. For this task, young people are needed who, with technical expertise and creativity, enjoy developing solutions so that future generations also have the chance to lead fulfilling and economically successful lives according to their own ideas. For this, we need you!"