Replace coal with hydrogen.
For green steel made in Europe


Reduction of CO2 emissions

To avoid CO2 emissions, coal is to be replaced by hydrogen in steel production in the future. This means that carbon monoxide and dioxide will no longer be produced, but only water vapor. The path to this goal is not easy, but it is unavoidable. For this we need metallurgists. Be part of shaping the future.

This is what a modern steel mill looks like nowadays ©SMS

Iron ore must be freed from oxygen.

Currently, we are still doing this with coal. But hydrogen can do that too!

Green Steel

Today, iron and steel can be produced with natural gas instead of coal. This is done in direct reduction plants and saves CO2 emissions. But not enough yet. But this is not enough yet, this is why we want to use hydrogen instead of natural gas as the next step. The German government's "Steel Action Plan" describes the strategy for "Green Steel made in Germany". Germany is not alone in this: the EU has adopted the "Green Deal" - and in this "Green Steel" plays an important role. Be part of changing us and shaping the future!

©WV Stahl